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Breaking News: Egan Reveals Conclusion of Season 1

250px-the_nine_intro.jpgAs previously mentioned on various media outlets, John Billingsley was removed from a radio station in Wilkes-Barre earlier today. What was not mentioned, was that prior to his maniacal rant, Billingsley (being interviewed along with Hunter “Little Ricky” Clary and Camille “Franny Rios” Guaty) all but conceded that the show had been pulled from the air. When pressed about what happened in the final episodes by DJ Adam Bond, Billingsley spilled the beans.

*** Spoiler Alert – Do not continue if you believe that the Nine will air again ***

Bond: “So if this is true, that it’s off the air, can you tell the listeners what happened at the end?”

Billingsley: “I… I… (hands flapping). Listen. Nick… err, Nuke Bomb or whatever your disc jockeying moniker is, I am contractually sworn to….”

Bond: “Don’t be such a legal beagle [car honking sound played twice]. Dare I say we will have another “Reunion” fiasco on our hands and be left to wonder?”

Billingsley: “I liked that show too…”

Bond: “And no doubt you were frustrated by the lack of closure.”

Billingsley: “Ok, here it is….. the conclusion is…. we make it out of the bank”.

Bond: “We’ll be right back after a word with our sponsors.”


Thanks for ruining the show, idiot.

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Egan Foote Issues Statement on Michael Richards

actor_billingsley01.jpgmichael-richards.jpg To: Members of the Media
Date: November 30th, 2006
Re: Kramer’s Gaffe

Hello, ah, I’m Egan.

Now, now (hands flapping) just listen. Kramer is a fictitious character, my niggaz. Ooops. Oh shit. Did I just…? Oh Egan (puts head in hands). Can’t youtube a letter at least. If only I had a delete key too!

Egan, Out.

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Flashback: April 23, 1992 – Egan Mugged For His Air Jordans


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Egan Puts His Foote In His Mouth

458965453_39228a15c5.jpg This is coming in breaking news across the wire…johanns.jpg

During an interview that aired Thursday morning on Wilkes-Barre’s WMGS-FM with select cast members from ABC’s show “The Nine”, cast member John Billingsley (Egan Foote) had to be forcibly removed from the premises after going off a profanity-laced tirade against the United States Secretary of Agriculture, Michael Johanns.


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