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Breaking News: Egan Reveals Conclusion of Season 1

250px-the_nine_intro.jpgAs previously mentioned on various media outlets, John Billingsley was removed from a radio station in Wilkes-Barre earlier today. What was not mentioned, was that prior to his maniacal rant, Billingsley (being interviewed along with Hunter “Little Ricky” Clary and Camille “Franny Rios” Guaty) all but conceded that the show had been pulled from the air. When pressed about what happened in the final episodes by DJ Adam Bond, Billingsley spilled the beans.

*** Spoiler Alert – Do not continue if you believe that the Nine will air again ***

Bond: “So if this is true, that it’s off the air, can you tell the listeners what happened at the end?”

Billingsley: “I… I… (hands flapping). Listen. Nick… err, Nuke Bomb or whatever your disc jockeying moniker is, I am contractually sworn to….”

Bond: “Don’t be such a legal beagle [car honking sound played twice]. Dare I say we will have another “Reunion” fiasco on our hands and be left to wonder?”

Billingsley: “I liked that show too…”

Bond: “And no doubt you were frustrated by the lack of closure.”

Billingsley: “Ok, here it is….. the conclusion is…. we make it out of the bank”.

Bond: “We’ll be right back after a word with our sponsors.”


Thanks for ruining the show, idiot.

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