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Nothing to do with Egan (except that he referee’d)

In one of the more shocking revelations of long-lost family members in the NBA (which, believe us, is saying A LOThair_nash.jpg about the magnitude of this one…), a little peace was found today after a ceremonious reunion of twin brothers Steve Nash and James Blunt.After playing a little one-on-one (Blunt beat Nash in best 2 out of 3 of ’21’), the two laughed repeatedly to reporters that they were going to be spending the rest of their evening reuniting withjblunt.jpg a third lost brother, Adam Blunt.  A. Blunt could not be reached for comment. Probably because he had the munchies.  (Or possibly because Egan killed him, since he’s been doing a lot of that lately).


January 29, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. You are psychotic. Stop.

    Comment by Anonymous | January 30, 2007

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