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Egan Puts His Foote In His Mouth – Part II

Wow, where do I even begin with this one. Watch this little gem and see Egan:

1. Offend Fox
2. Offend ABC
3. Admit to being mediocre
4. Confess to cutting off someone’s head

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A Guest Post from IMDB’s "aprilangel"

In this week’s guest post, IMDB user “aprilangel” offers some keen insight into our beloved hero. This was taken off of Egan’s page on IMDB…

This Guy is Creepy
by aprilangel (Mon Sep 4 2006 09:12:59 )

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Every time I catch him in an episode of television he creeps me out. Could he possibly play someone other than a slimeball? No. That is all. 



She can’t possibly be talking about this guy, can she?


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Exclusive: Egan Photo From Prison (Special thanks to my Uncle Ned, left of Egan)


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Report: Doolittle Exposed as Imposter

2004_jb_9.jpgThe New York Times has a front page article today with a major expose on this season’s American Idol. According to multiple sources at Fox, John Billingsley was found passed out next to a bottle of Dewars after last Tuesday’s live performance. While being checked out by security, it was discovered that John (Egan Foote from ABC’s hit show “The Nine”) had been the actual vocals that were “sung” by lip-syncer Melinda Doolittle!

Seems like Melinda actually Did-little, while Egan Did-lottle!

When reached for comment, Egan played dumb. “I’ve never seen thatmedium_doolittle-small.jpg woman in my life. ” When he was assured of being off-record, Egan joyously added “… because I always had to hide behind this curtain! Wait, does that red light mean you’re still recording this… oh shit. Egan, out.”

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