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john-billingsley-2.jpgAn overcrowded 2008 Presidential race took an unexpected turn on Thursday as career insurance salesman Egan Foote threw his hat into the ring and announced he would make a run at the White House.

On a DVD-signing tour stop in Chattanooga, Foote shocked the airwaves of local WOGT-FM (The Duke, 107.9) with his unexpected rant.

“Now, now (arms flapping), just wait a second here. We live in a country where I worked for 7 hours a day cold calling people and trying to upsell them on insurance they’re never going to need. That’s just not right. It’s just…. not…. RIGHT. When I spoke out against my company, I was fired. It’s a system of intimidation and greed. And, if I may digress, I didn’t put up too much of a fight because good old Egan was afraid of his boss since his father was an imprisoned leader of a white separatist movement. But Egan will live in fear no more!”

DJ: “Why is that, Foote? What are you going to do about it? How are you going to fix the problem?”

Foote: “I’m going to run for president of the United States, that’s how. The President. Ha, ha! Maybe Franny will be my VP.”

DJ: “She has no political experience.”


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  1. […] I would offer some thoughts on the current Presidential campaign. While I… uh… did once consider a run for President myself, the truth is that good ol’ Egan is not much of a political buff. In fact, my newspaper […]

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  2. This guy has never been on my radio station and I certainly don’t appreciate hime lying that he was!

    Comment by Duane Shannon | April 27, 2009

  3. Duane is the one whose pants need to be put out by a fire hose! I was in the studio when Egan declared his candidacy and you can ask his partner Abby who was giving me a FOOTE massage during the interview (honk honk COWBELL COWBELL lights flashing)

    Comment by Eggbert Foote | April 27, 2009

  4. Also, Duane kept murmuring the whole time about swine flu and was worried he would become contagious in a few months.

    Comment by Eggbert Foote | April 27, 2009

  5. I heard him on WOGT. Why is Duane lying?

    Comment by Ken Stroyman | April 27, 2009

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