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Egan Foote Reeling After His Fantasy Baseball Team Falls Into Last Place

dsc_6310.jpgA Hot Foote reader wrote in to report on a radio appearance by Egan Foote on the WEMX morning show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to our source, Egan appeared on the morning show at the urging of his publicist, in an attempt to repair his image after a recent rash of bad behavior.

However, what started as your run of the mill morning show interview soon shifted to the state of Egan’s fantasy baseball team, “Happy Feete.” After explaining that he was in an ESPN run head-to-head fantasy baseball league called “The History Buffs” with his Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity brothers, Foote began lambasting his team, the other teams in his league, the statistical categories selected for this season, and his unfortunate keeper picks.

Below appears an excerpt from that interview:

DJ: “History Buffs – that’s pretty clever.” (Cowbell)

Egan: “Well (flapping his arms) I can’t take all the credit. To be fair, it was Poindexter’s idea. But let’s get back to the real question. Egan me this: who counts holds? That’s right, my league counts the statistical category Holds. Do you even know what a hold is? I haven’t gotten one all year.”

DJ: “No stats for Egan’s bats!” (Toilet flushing sound plays)

Egan: “That’s right, I’m in last place, with no signs of climbing out. My team stinks.”

DJ: “Would that make them ‘smelly feete’?”

Egan: “Yes. Yes it would.”

More to come…


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