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Update: Egan Foote Cartoon Moving Forward

3533537.jpg Hot Foote recently broke the story of talks between ABC Television and Egan Foote on the development of a cartoon based on the world’s most famous insurance processor and bank robbery victim. While we were able to confirm that talks were in fact taking place, and even received an exclusive first look at proposed animation, very little additional information has come out about the project. Until now.

jb-book-logo.jpgABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson recently confirmed that the show was in development. “Yes, we have had discussions,” said McPherson. “But at this point it’s just an idea like any other. I wouldn’t go getting too excited yet. I can tell you, however, that we have brainstormed some great ideas for the cartoon; we expect a decision to be made one way or another very shortly.”

Faithful reader “Johnny C’s” decided to take part in some guerilla journalism and was able to snap this photograph of Egan leaving ABC headquarters after a meeting with network executives. While security attempted to quickly escort Mr. Foote to his limousine, incessant questions thrown at him by our citizen paparazzi ultimately yielded a response from the Foote. A transcript from that exchange appears below:

Johnny C’s: “Egan, Egan! Come on man, just one question.”

Egan: “I… uh… I don’t know (arms flapping)… they said it was really important that I not say a word.”

Johhny C’s: “Please Egan… for your fans. Is there going to be an Egan Foote cartoon?”

Egan: “Well, uh, if it’s… uh (wipes away sweat from forehead)… for the fans. Yes, we are currently moving forward with the show. There are no guarantees it will make the fall line-up, though.”

Johnny C’s: “And what’s the show about?”

Egan: “Think Waiting for Godot meets Beverly Hills 90210, but animated. I’ve said too much already… Egan, out!”

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available…


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