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Breaking: Egan Foote Returns to Work as an Insurance Processor

nine-billingsley15.jpgWhether it’s because he misses the “thrill of the game,” or because of the uncertainty of both his legal future and his future in the entertainment business, Egan Foote has reportedly returned to work as an insurance processor. The photo to the right was snapped by Hot Foote reader “Blanca” who works at the cubicle across from Egan.

When reached for comment, Foote’s supervisor, Andrew Schillinger, gave the typical response. “We look forward to having Egan back on our team. For over two decades, Mr. Foote played an integral role in our insurance processing and we look forward to his continued service. Egan Foote should serve as an example for insurance processors everywhere.”

Apparently, Mr. Schillinger has not been paying attention to Egan’s exploits while away from the company. Unless theft, murder, and drunken disorderly conduct are a central part of an insurance processor’s job, Mr. Schillinger might want to think again about his last comment.

52823.jpg “That’s just Egan being Egan,” said one co-worker. “At least you know what you get with the guy; anyone else in this office is likely to go postal at any time, without warning. With Egan, I’ve been expecting it for years.”

According to Egan, “there’s no place I’d rather be… well, except for maybe a deserted island with Franny Rios. Hubba Hubba!”

While Egan claims that he’s ready to return to the challenging world of insurance processing, whether the world of insurance processing is prepared for his return remains to be seen.

And what does this all mean for Egan’s “extracurricular activities?” “What I do in my free time is this Foote’s business and no one else’s,” said Egan. “In fact, I’ll be appearing on the KBBD-FM morning show in Spokane, Washington tomorrow morning.” We can’t wait.


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