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Breaking: Egan Foote Headed to Iraq?

jb_the_other_guys.jpgUnconfirmed reports are beginning to come in to Hot Foote that Egan Foote is headed to Iraq as part of President George W. Bush’s troop “surge.” Egan was spotted leaving a Barnes & Noble bookstore after purchasing numerous travel books on Basra. “He purchased a Fodors: Basra book and a Baghdad bus map,” said one source.

Notwithstanding the rumors, however, many believe that Egan’s recent return to his job as an insurance processor, his commitment to an NBA career, an upcoming prime time cartoon, the possibility of a baby Foote, a possible Presidential campaign, and various other legal problems ultimately make a stint in Iraq impossible. But our citizen paparazzi were undeterred and were able to snap this picture of Egan leaving training prior to his alleged Iraq deployment.

“I hate evildoers,” Foote was overheard saying. “Whether they be terrorists or bank robbers.”



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