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Breaking: “The Nine” Returning to ABC!!!!

The servers here at Hot Foote have been overloaded with reports that The Nine will be returning to ABC this August. ABC will supposedly be airing the final 6 episode of the drama beginning August 1.

Needless to say, this is very exciting news for us at Hot Foote, but also got us wondering how this decision was made. While the last several months have been filled with rumors 1999-xfiles-3ofakind-05.jpgof projects involving Egan Foote (including, amongst other things, a stint on Dancing with the Stars and an Egan Foote cartoon), ABC has been silent as to the fate of The Nine, leaving many viewers resigned to the reality that they may never see the remaining episodes. So what was behind The Nine‘s return? Hot Foote’s faithful citizen paparazzi have written in with a number of different theories. The picture to the right was snapped by a Hot Foote reader who works at ABC studios and shows the world’s most famous insurance processor making his case for The Nine‘s return to ABC executives.

Another Hot Foote reader submitted this photo, denzel_washington5.jpgwhich shows Egan bringing in the big guns. According to our source, Egan brought superstar and The Nine fan Denzel Washington to make the case to ABC executives that The Nine deserves another chance. However, these executives seemed unconvinced by Denzel’s star power; he was immediately removed from the premises by ABC security.

Finally, one brave member of our citizen paparazzi snapped the photograph to the left, which shows Egan Foote holding ABC 2004-upn-party-01.jpgEntertainment President Steve McPherson’s wife hostage. According to witnesses, Mr. Foote held a gun to Mrs. McPherson’s back and said that he would let her go once he was assured that The Nine would return. Other sources applauded Egan’s hostage-taking prowess. “He seemed to know exactly what he was doing,” said Hot Foote reader ‘LarsonR.’ “Almost like he had been in a hostage situation himself.”

However, it appears that it was Hot Foote readers that ultimately brought the show back from extinction. Hot Foote received a letter from ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson this morning. A portion of that letter appears below:


… that despite Mr. Foote’s outrageous behavior, his talent is unquestionable.


Please congratulate all of your readers for their successful campaign. We received more than 80,000 letters in support of Egan and ‘The Nine,” each letter containing a lucky rabbit’s foot (or rabbit’s “foote” as Hot Foote readers so affectionately refer to it).

So, in the words of Egan Foote… McPherson, out (and The Nine in)!!



Steve McPherson

President, ABC Entertainment



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  1. Going back to acting again, huh? Rickey is a strong believer that it is good to do what you know. Rickey, for example, is now the hitting coach for the NY Mets.

    Comment by Rickey Henderson | July 12, 2007

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