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Breaking: Egan Foote Mugged for iPhone

Hot Foote reader “gleibeez” wrote in with the following pictures snapped while driving through the Brownsville area of Brooklyn. “I was stopped at a red light when I looked over and saw what appeared to be Egan Foote being robbed in an alley,” said gleibeez. “After telling a sweaty Egan to give him his iPhone, the mugger then punched Egan in the kidney, took the iPhone out of his pocket and ran off. The mugger then stopped, turned to me and smiled, almost as if to pose for a picture holding Egan’s iPhone.”


2004-angel-05.jpg iphone_inhandhome_c.jpg


July 17, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. You were mugged by the guy who plays Angel? Pussy.

    Comment by Rickey Henderson | July 26, 2007

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