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ABC Cancels ‘The Nine’… AGAIN!

Last month, Hot Foote was one of the first to report the exciting news regarding The Nine’s return to network television. However, today’s news is no cause for celebration: 250px-the_nine_intro.jpgsadly, we just learned ABC has once again pulled The Nine from its lineup after an exciting, albeit brief, second run on the network.

With four unaired episodes of the highly acclaimed drama remaining, fans are wondering when and where they may be able to view these remaining episodes. “Where is The Nine? I just want some closure,” said Hot Foote reader ‘Uter.’ “I mean, how can they leave us hanging like this? How can they not finish the story?” For those like Uter clamoring for some resolution, Egan Foote may have provided such closure long ago. As Hot Foote reported back in November 2006, Egan inadvertently revealed the conclusion of season 1 (warning: spoilers).

However, while some are angry at the lack of finality, other astute Hot Foote readers have a more pressing question: how will Egan Foote react to the news? “Yo, homeboy’s gonna bug out, yo,” said reader ‘erocks.’ “I can’t wait to watch this shit.” erocks is right to anticipate some fireworks, considering Egan’s efforts to get The Nine put back on the air and his history of erratic behavior (for more examples of Egan’s unpredictable behavior, click here, here, here, here, here, and here.

What this development means for the upcoming Egan Foote cartoon remains to be seen.

We will update this story as more information becomes available…


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