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Breaking: Egan Foote Arrested for Attacking TV Squad Blogger Bob Sassone

Here we go again. Another day, another incident for our good friend Egan Foote.

030501john_icon.jpgEgan Foote was arrested early Friday evening after a run-in with TV Squad blogger Bob Sassone. The incident apparently stemmed from comments made by Sassone earlier that day on TV blog In this post Sassone jokes about The Nine’s return and playfully hints at ABC running a The Nine marathon:

In the meantime, ABC has a plan: they’re bringing back The Nine again and running a marathon of shows the last week of August. Ha! Just kidding. I think ABC is done kicking that show around.

According to witnesses, Mr. Foote showed up at TV Squad offices sweaty and determined. He eventually found Mr. Sassone, smashed a stapler across his face and began choking the TV blogger. “You think that’s funny?” many witnesses reported hearing Egan repeating over and over. “This is my life, my livelihood. I put my heart into that show. You’re dead, motherfucker!” Luckily, other members of Bob’s TV Squad jumped in and removed Egan from the building, where police were waiting to take the insurance processor away.



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