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Legal Foote-notes: An Egan Legal Roundup

458965457_7f8a711471.jpgWith so much happening in the life of Egan Foote, we here at Hot Foote wanted to take this opportunity to update you on Egan’s numerous legal matters in the first of an ongoing series called “Legal Foote-Notes.” Below is a brief rundown of the various legal issues surrounding the enigmatic (and apparently litigious) insurance processor. Needless to say, Egan has been keeping his attorney busy as of late, not only with the numerous criminal investigations into his often erratic behavior, but also with a series of lawsuits against a number of different parties. Hot Foote will continue to update these stories as they develop.

  • On the 50th Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis, Egan filed a lawsuit against the so-called “Little Rock 9” for what Egan claims to be the “uncanny similarities” between this event in American history and his canceled ABC prime time drama ‘The Nine.’ A hearing is set for November 9th, 2007.

    ar_little_rock_nine.jpg the-nine.jpg

  • headerlogo.jpgPapers were filed early Monday morning in a suit by Egan against retail shoe store Foot Locker. In his suit, Mr. Foote claims misapropriation of his name. Egan is seeking an unspecified amount in damages from the shoe retailer.
  • We recently reported on Egan Foote’s lawsuit against CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin and his recent book ‘The Nine.’ This lawsuit is moving forward, with depositions schedule for October 22, 2007.
  • 2003jb_pas.gifnineplaybill.jpgEgan Foote is seeking an injunction against upcoming movie ‘Nine,’ seeking to have production stopped on the big screen adaptation of the Tony Award winning musical. “This is a travesty,” said Mr. Foote in a press conference outside of the courthouse. “The studio is clearly trying to benefit from the good will that ‘The Nine’ received in its strong, albeit brief, run on the ABC Network. This cannot continue. Egan, out!”
  • And rounding out this edition of Legal Foote-notes, Egan Foote has filed a lawsuit against disgraced Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Craig was arrested on June 11, 2007 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport for lewd conduct when he propositioned an undercover police officer for sex. The officer’s police report reads as follows:

At 1216 hours, Craig tapped his right foot. I recognized this as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct. Craig tapped his toes several times and moves his foot closer to my foot. … The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area. Craig then proceeded to swipe his left hand under the stall divider several times, with the palm of his hand facing upward.

larry_craig_mugshot.jpgEgan is seeking an unspecified amount for the “irreversible damage done to the reputation of Mr. Foote arising out of Senator Craig’s foot-tapping in the airport men’s room.”

“Now when people think of the Foote, they’ll always remember Senator Craig’s use of this appendage in soliciting homosexual sex in an airport bathroom,” said Mr. Foote while appearing on the KJJY-FM morning show in Des Moines, Iowa. “I’ve got a reputation to protect!”

Egan continued, “the only Foote tapping that should be taking place is me when I begin my run reprising Savion Glover’s role in Bring in ‘da Noise/Bring in ‘da Funk on Broadway. Egan, out!”

We will continue to update these stories as more information becomes available…

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Citizen Paparazzi: Egan Spotted Out at LA Nightclub

Hot Foote reader “d.Waltoff” wrote in with the the following cell phone picture, snapped while out with friends at an LA nightclub. According to our reader, “I was out on Friday night celebrating a buddy’s birthday. The guy’s behind us were getting pretty rowdy so I turned around to see what was going on. To my surprise, it was Egan Foote partying with what looked like Egan’s The Nine co-start Scott Wolf, as well as a couple of other guys who were clearly friends of the Foote.”

Our citizen paparazzi continued that he witnessed a number of women on Egan’s lap throughout the night (giving Scott Wolf the cold shoulder), though was only able to snap the following picture as Egan was leaving the club..

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Developing: Egan Foote Files Lawsuit Against CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin

Law Clerk and Hot Foote reader “DaMage” writes in to report that Egan Foote has filed a lawsuit against CNN Chief Legal Analyst, Jeffrey Toobin. The suit, which was filed in United States District Court Southern District of New York, where apparently even Hot Foote has access, claims that Toobin’s new book ‘The Nine’ is a rip-off of the canceled ABC drama starring Mr. Foote. “Preposterous,” said Toobin. “My book is about the Supreme Court; I’m pretty sure his show involved bank robbers or something.” Mr. Toobin continued, “This lawsuit is frivolous and an abuse of the American legal system. Personally, I think someone needs to Fine the Foote.”

When asked to respond to Mr. Toobin’s comments, Egan replied, “Jeffrey Toobin said that? So you’re saying he watched ‘The Nine’?”

We’ll continue to update this story as more information becomes available…

The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court [amazon]

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Egan Foote Allegedly Kidnaps ‘Wings’ Star Tim Daly

takemeinstead_09_360x240.jpgHot Foote reader ‘nyoshigleibs’ submitted the following photo, snapped with his camera phone, moments before Egan Foote allegedly kidnapped ‘Wings’ star Tim Daly. According to ‘nyoshigleibs,’ “After purchasing a star map from a local street vendor, I decided I’d go take a look at the home of one of my favorite actors – Tim Daly. When I approached Tim Daly’s home, I noticed a familiar silhouette lurking in the bushes. Upon closer inspection I realized that it was none other than Egan Foote. Knowing Egan’s reputation for shenanigans, I decided to wait across the street to see what Mr. Foote was up to and it wasn’t long before I saw the insurance processor picking the lock on Mr. Daly’s front door. I decided to go in for a closer look and was able to snap this photo moments before Egan Foote cracked Daly across the back of the head with a knife block and dragged his unconscious body into another room.”

When we contacted Mr. Daly’s representatives, we were told that they have not been able to contact the Wings star in days and were concerned about his whereabouts. While Egan Foote has displayed some outrageous behavior before, this may be his first foray into kidnapping.

We’ll continue to update this story as more information becomes available…

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Breaking: Egan Foote to Help Jack Bauer Destroy Evil-Doers

billingsley.jpgWhile Egan Foote may not be heading to Iraq, as was rumored, that does not mean he will not be assisting in the global fight against terrorists, villains and other evil-doers. It is being reported that Egan Foote will be joining Jack Bauer on the upcoming season of 24, playing the recurring role of “Latham.”

When approached for comment, Egan seemed ecstatic about his new role. “Fuck insurance!” said the former insurance processor. “I want to shoot some terrorists!!” Egan then proceeded to run around making bullet sounds as he pretended his hands were guns. “Maybe I’ll even get to meet Michelle Dessler,” he continued, clearly unaware that she was killed not long ago. “Hubba hubba!”

Update: According to various sources, Egan will be playing security expert Michael Latham.


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