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Breaking: Egan Foote to Help Jack Bauer Destroy Evil-Doers

billingsley.jpgWhile Egan Foote may not be heading to Iraq, as was rumored, that does not mean he will not be assisting in the global fight against terrorists, villains and other evil-doers. It is being reported that Egan Foote will be joining Jack Bauer on the upcoming season of 24, playing the recurring role of “Latham.”

When approached for comment, Egan seemed ecstatic about his new role. “Fuck insurance!” said the former insurance processor. “I want to shoot some terrorists!!” Egan then proceeded to run around making bullet sounds as he pretended his hands were guns. “Maybe I’ll even get to meet Michelle Dessler,” he continued, clearly unaware that she was killed not long ago. “Hubba hubba!”

Update: According to various sources, Egan will be playing security expert Michael Latham.



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  1. That’s just fan-fucking-tastic Egan. Punch Janine Garofolo in the face for Rickey, will you?

    Comment by Rickey Henderson | September 5, 2007

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  3. […] isn’t any time!! You are going to have to trust me!!”  When Egan persisted, repeatedly referring to himself as Michael Latham, Sutherland headbutted […]

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