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Egan Foote Allegedly Kidnaps ‘Wings’ Star Tim Daly

takemeinstead_09_360x240.jpgHot Foote reader ‘nyoshigleibs’ submitted the following photo, snapped with his camera phone, moments before Egan Foote allegedly kidnapped ‘Wings’ star Tim Daly. According to ‘nyoshigleibs,’ “After purchasing a star map from a local street vendor, I decided I’d go take a look at the home of one of my favorite actors – Tim Daly. When I approached Tim Daly’s home, I noticed a familiar silhouette lurking in the bushes. Upon closer inspection I realized that it was none other than Egan Foote. Knowing Egan’s reputation for shenanigans, I decided to wait across the street to see what Mr. Foote was up to and it wasn’t long before I saw the insurance processor picking the lock on Mr. Daly’s front door. I decided to go in for a closer look and was able to snap this photo moments before Egan Foote cracked Daly across the back of the head with a knife block and dragged his unconscious body into another room.”

When we contacted Mr. Daly’s representatives, we were told that they have not been able to contact the Wings star in days and were concerned about his whereabouts. While Egan Foote has displayed some outrageous behavior before, this may be his first foray into kidnapping.

We’ll continue to update this story as more information becomes available…


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