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Egan Addresses The Nine’s Unanswered Questions

031_28a.JPGAfter the overwhelming response to Egan’s live-blogging of The Nine’s return to television, we asked Egan if he would return to Hot Foote and attempt to address some of the questions The Nine left us with. And while we once again had some trouble locating Mr. Foote, we ultimately found him and he graciously accepted our invitation. Egan invited us to attend a symposium taking place at Stanford University where he had been invited to attend as a guest speaker. The symposium was entitled “Nine Lives: Lessons from the ABC Drama” and was hosted by TV Guide blogger Famin, who had recently addressed the lack of closure for the show with his article entitled Thirteen Unanswered Questions About The Nine.” Egan addressed many of these 13 questions over the course of the symposium – portions of his commentary appear below:

Egan Foote: Hello…uh… Egan Foote here. Welcome to our… uh… symposium on The Nine. I want to thank Stanford University for hosting this extremely important event… as well as for the bowl of Wheat Thins they left in the green room. I also want to thank Famin for graciously agreeing to emcee the… um… event (whipes sweat from forehead) and a special thanks to the team from Hot Foote who are in attendance today. I am here to… uh… attempt to answer some of the important questions The Nine left us with due to its premature departure from our television airwaves. Now, for the purpose of full disclosure, I should point out that many of my answers are speculative – unfortunately, myself and the other cast members were kept out of the loop on the writers’ future plans for the show. In fact, we often learned of many developments at the same time as you, loyal viewers. Each Wednesday evening, after each episode of Lost, the cast of The Nine would convene at one of the cast members’ houses to all watch the program together. It was always a fun event… particularly when the party was hosted by Franny Rios and I was able to snoop through her underwear drawer while pretending to go to the bathroom. Franny Rios, hubba hubba! Uh oh, did I just admit that? (wipes sweat from forehead, flaps arms furiously)… oh well, at least no one is recording this, or else it would be Egan, out(ed as a pervert)! Add to that the fact that I was often drunk and/or passed out on the set and I really don’t know what was going on. The point is, most of what I say is speculation – I simply don’t know what the future held for the show.

Anyway, without any more Foote-dragging, let’s address some of the most burning Nine-related questions. Famin… you’re… uh… up.

Famin: Thanks, Egan. Let’s get started with some of the questions from my article.

1. What will happen to Egan and the Birdfinch Lady? Just when things were heating up between them, too.

Egan Foote: Let’s just say that Egan doesn’t like to be tied down. The Birdfinch Lady was obviously fun for a while, but I simply can’t see it continuing. Plus, I know the writers did some research and the overwhelming majority of viewers preferred Egan being single. My guess is that if the show had continued that the writers would have had Egan out (of that relationship).

2. Ditto for Lizzie and Coworker Bo. She deserves to be able to move on after Frannie and Jeremy.

Egan Foote: Excuse me, but it’s called “The Nine,” not “The Ten” and Bo simply didn’t go through what we went through. Sure Lizzie deserves to be happy, but that bank robbery changed us… I can’t foresee ever dating someone who was not in that 52 hour ordeal. Sure, it limits my options, but I do remind you that Franny Rios was in that bank. Hubba hubba!

3. What is the significance of the funky Lucas dreams Felicia and Lizzie were having?

Egan Foote: I don’t know, I fast-forwarded through most of Lizzie’s scenes. Thank God for my Divo device!

4. Did Lizzie really have a thing going for Lucas? What happened between them in the bank? (And how gorgeous did the two of them look all decked out in tux and that gorgeous teal gown?)

Egan Foote: Ok, someone seems a bit obsessed with Lizzie here. How about some Foote-related questions, Famin. And I warn you – I cannot discuss my ongoing lawsuits.

5. Will Felicia ever get her memory back? Lucas as Jesus? What’s that about? I know there was more to it than Lucas making Randall let her go, thus saving her. What happened between Felicia and Lucas?

Egan Foote: Who’s Felicia.

Famin: She’s the young girl, one of the Nine…

Egan Foote: (scratching head)

Famin: The bank manager’s daughter…

Egan Foote: Oh! Of course! To answer your question, I don’t know.

6. Will Malcolm lose it? He seems like he’s about to lose it any minute, he’s just under so much pressure. More than at the Man of the Year speech and with his brother. Seems like foreshadowing to me!

Egan Foote: Lose what, weight? Hey-oh! Get it? He’s fat…

7. Will Tim Daly ever get a show worthy of him? He’s been blowing me away in this one.

Egan Foote: Poor Timmy. The guy just has the worst luck with new TV shows. Look out for him on the upcoming ABC sitcom “Cavemen.” I think this one’s going to be a hit. Egan knows…

8. Will Catherine make it as a DA? Or will her Three Strikes stance take her down? And how tacky was it that her “brand” was the bank?

Egan Foote: Famin, YOU spend 52 hours in a bank and see if you still feel the same way about that being Catherine’s brand. You son of a bitch, I oughta come over there and choke you stupid insensitive bastard. 52 hours hostage. 52 HOURS!

9. Does Catherine wear too much black?

Egan Foote: No.

10. Will Egan be able to keep his mouth shut on Catherine’s campaign? I think he’s learned his lesson. It seemed like he’d finally found his calling, taking up the family business of selling–selling Catherine, that is. I love the two of them together.

Egan Foote: Now… uh… what exactly are you accusing old Egan of? The Footes have not been involved in human trafficking in at least 10 years and anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR! Of course I’ll be able to keep my mouth shut… I’ve always been able to keep secrets before. For example, I’ve never revealed the conclusion of The Nine.

11. What’s up with the guy who killed Nick’s father? Is there a connection to the bank? What? Or was it just a vehicle for Nick’s revenge? Was that whole storyline just to give us a vehicle for Nick’s forgiveness? Was it leading up to giving Nick a way to forgive Randall?

Egan Foote: I think I missed that episode.

12. How awesome was Franny with her mom and grandma? Way to go Franny.

Egan Foote: My reaction can be expressed with one word… repeated twice: Hubba Hubba!

13. What happened in the vault? What secret is Malcolm hiding?

Egan Foote: I have been told I cannot discuss these two issues as they would be addressed in a The Nine movie that is currently being developed.

Egan, out!


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