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Breaking: Congressional Investigation Reveals Egan Foote’s Link to Private Military Contractor Blackwater

Hot Foote recently reported on the rumor that Egan Foote was heading to Iraq as part of the troop “surge.” However, despite the reports, Egan did not in fact enlist. But this does not mean that Egan never stepped Foote in Mesopotamia; rather,608.jpg testimony provided to the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform revealed that Egan has made no less than 6 trips to the region as an independently contracted guard for private military contractor Blackwater USA.

When asked about his role with the private military contractor, Egan replied “Clearly you don’t know what the word ‘private’ means. Well, it means that it’s none of your beeswax!! Let’s just say the evil-doers are getting their due.” When then asked about whether that meant he was involved with an alleged incident in which Blackwater opened fire on Iraqi civilians, killing 16, Mr. Foote shouted “Egan, out!” and was whisked away by a Blackwater humvee.

At this time, the connection between Egan’s relationship with Blackwater and his plans to assist Jack Bauer remain unclear.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available…

Update: Egan Foote was called to testify before Congress on his knowledge of certain Blackwater operations.



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