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Citizen Paparazzi: Egan Foote Caught Wedding Crashing


Taking a page out of the 2005 movie “Wedding Crashers,” insurance processor Egan Foote was discovered crashing a wedding in Modesto, California. The picture was taken by a member of our faithful Citizen Paparazzi, a Hot Foote reader who goes by the name of “doob-rinsky.”

According to doob-rinsky, “I was out in Modesto, California to attend the wedding of my cousin Mark, when I noticed Egan Foote patiently waiting on the buffet line. Excited about being in the presence of the famed insurance processor and hostage survivor, I was looking forward to meeting Mr. Foote. But when I asked for an introduction from my cousin, he responded with a puzzled ‘Egan who?’ After some further investigation, it became clear that Egan was not invited at all and was crashing the wedding!”

“That is preposterous! Of course I was invited!” said Egan when asked about his alleged wedding crashing on the KJOY FM morning show in Modesto, California. “Me and Mike have been friends for years!” When told that the groom was named Mark, Egan insisted “that’s what I meant,” threw hot tea in the DJ’s face and disappeared with a swift declaration of “Egan, out!”



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  1. […] is not the first time that Mr. Foote crashed an event to which he was not invited, as Mr. Foote was spotted in the buffet line of a wedding to which he received no invitation, while Foote’s DNA crashed a container of ranch […]

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