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Exclusive: Never Before Seen Egan Foote Motivational Posters

Sitting outside Hot Foote headquarters when we arrived this morning was an envelope from an anonymous source filled with a stack of motivational posters starring none other than our very own Egan Foote. The photos, according to our source, were produced by retail chain Urban Outfitters to be part of their holiday gift selection. But the posters never made it to print.

It had been rumored that company executives were so displeased at the time that they ordered the pictures burned and the campaign never to be spoken of again. According to some sources, the mistake was giving Mr. Foote creative control over all of the posters. “Big mistake,” said photographer Brandon Stracke. “This guy was throwing out some crazy ideas.”

What follows is a sampling of the posters from Egan Foote Urban Outfitters Motivational Poster Holiday Gift Campaign. It is believed that there are a number of other posters floating out there. If you happen to locate one, please contact Hot Foote at






Update: Since posting the above, we have received numerous e-mails from Hot Foote readers with additional uncovered posters. Below please find these newly submitted Egan Foote motivational posters. We will continue to update Hot Foote as submissions are received.







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  1. With this PR campaign, Egan can’t lose!

    Comment by Rickey Henderson | November 20, 2007

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