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Breaking: Egan Foote Suits Up for Pittsburgh Steelers



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Exclusive: Egan Foote Rumored to Have Plans for Reunion With Eggbert Foote, Spend New Years Eve With Estranged Younger Brother

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Back in October, Hot Foote exclusively reported that Egan Foote’s long lost brother Eggbert Foote was released from the Russian holding cell where he’s spent the last twenty years. According to sources close to the Foote family, the two brothers had not seen one another since 1987, when younger brother Eggbert left the country to cash in on emerging diamond markets in the middle-east. However, besides vague reports of “an American named Foote” being seriously injured in a 1992 nuclear accident, little was known about the twenty years following Eggbert’s departure from the United States.

However, notwithstanding what may have transpired, it remains to be seen whether twenty years apart was enough to repair the rift between the two brothers. “Egan had an awful temper,” Eggbert told a Russian reporter back in 1998. “I once wished him a Happy Hannukah and he responded by breaking my jaw! I’m not sure I want to subject myself to that again.”

“My little brother is exaggerating,” said a defensive Foote when approached by the reporter. “I specifically remember the doctor saying that I fractured his jaw. Eggbert is so overdramatic! Man, I really hate that…uh… son of a bitch!” With hatred between the Brothers Foote still raging, it looked like a once possible reunion was becoming increasingly less likely.

Until now. According to sources close to the Foote family, Egan recently booked a trip to Russia, apparently to visit his recently-released brother and spend New Years Eve with the younger Foote. When questioned about the rumored trip, Egan issued his standard denials: “Of course I am not visiting Eggbert,” said an irate Foote. “That is ludicrous. I am traveling to Russia to appear on the Minsk Morning Zoo radio program, the wackiest in the entire Eastern Bloc… except, of course, for Sofia, Bulgaria’s morning program. Those guys are nuts!” Hot Foote was able to confirm that Egan was in fact invited to appear on the radio station, but according to Program Director Alexei Nemchinov “has not yet indicated to us that he intends to appear.” The Russian rumor mill has been buzzing that while Egan does intend to make his radio appearance, visiting his brother is his true motivation.

Whether or not a radio appearance is the reason for Egan’s travel plans, it will be the first time in twenty years the two brothers have set Foote on the same continent. And that, says many, is progress.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available…

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Developing: Egan Foote Set to Cross WGA Picket Line

2004-visionawards-01.jpgAs we all know, Egan Foote has never shied away from controversy. And if reports are correct, Mr. Foote looks ready to do it again.

According to sources close to Hot Foote, Egan Foote is ready to cross the picket line and offer his writing services to anyone interested. Known by most for his acting, Foote has actually been a member of the Writers Guild of America since 1990. Mr. Foote, whose writing resume is limited to the short-lived series, “Babes,” has shown solidarity with the rest of the striking WGA members since the strike began and is a regular fixture on the picket lines. However, Foote has apparently grown wary of the WGA’s efforts, spending less and less time picketing, and even recently told radio station KUBL in Reno, Nevada that at times he could “see the other side’s point of view.”

061004interview1.jpgHe continued that he was also getting bored with the time off. “Insurance processing is great and all, but I need something else. Perhaps it’s time we get back to work.” Foote has attempted to fill that void in a variety of different ways, including traveling, working extra hours insurance processing, working out, spending time with his “The Nine” castmates (picture, right), and serving as a judge on various reality competitions, including the FOX series “A Kick to the Crotch,”in which contestants kick each other in the groin until only one man is left standing (picture, below left), “Bare Knuckle Brawl,” in which homeless men bare knuckle box until only one man is left standing, and “Your Stash in the Trash,” in which contestants’ personal belongings are buried on a New York City trash barge and they fight each other on the floating vessel to retrieve their possessions. But none of it seems to have pulled Egan from his rut.



Needless to say, the rumors have angered WGA members. When Egan left the offices of ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson on Wednesday, after a rumored meeting to discuss the possibility of Mr. Foote writing for the ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” he was yelled at by a swarm of picketing writers holding signs reading “Scab!!” And luckily, our faithful Citizen Paparazzi were there to catch some of the action. The following pictures, submitted by Hot Foote reader “wackie,” showing Foote being cornered and subsequently beaten by WGA members.



We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available…

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Happy Holidays from Hot Foote


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Exclusive: Egan Foote Appears in Mitchell Report Under Alias “Adam Piatt”

590546_m.jpgBack in October of this year, Hot Foote broke the story that Egan Foote was set to appear in the Mitchell report, former Senator George Mitchell’s much anticipated look at the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball. However, the report, released yesterday, made no mention of any Foote (much less Rollie Fingers, Bill Hands, Tony Armas, Ed Head, Shin-Soo Choo, Chin-hui Tsao, Toe Nash, or Mike Palm; Rick Ankiel, however, did appear).


But after some intense digging, we can exclusively report that Egan Foote does appear in the Mitchell Report as his alias, Adam Piatt. After combing through Social Security, tax, bank and health records, Hot Foote staff was able to determine that Egan Foote has used a number of different aliases over the years, frequently employing some variation of the name “Alan Pratt,” most recently used by Mr. Foote as a character in the NBC drama Journeyman.


You can find more information on Foote’s appearance in the Mitchell Report here.





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Breaking: Egan Foote to Replace Isiah Thomas as General Manager and Head Coach of the New York Knicks?

The phone lines here at Hot Foote headquarters have been ringing off the hook with people purporting to have inside information on James Dolan’s plans to replace Isiah Thomas with Egan Foote as the head coach and General Manager of the New York Knicks. According to numerous sources, the information was leaked during a four hour performance of Dolan’s band, at which attendance was required of all Cablevision and Madison Square Garden employees.

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“This next track is something I’ve been working on – I wrote it for new head coach and GM Egan Foote… I mean… uh… oh no, my dad’s going to kill me!… Dolan, out!” However, Dolan was not “out,” and instead came back on stage and read the following statement: “Mr. Thomas is and will continue to be the General Manager and head coach of the New York Knicks. My allusions to Egan Foote earlier were a slip of the tongue and should not be taken seriously… my father did not prepare this statement.”

But the rumors simply will not die. Insiders report that the Knicks are currently working on an exit package for Thomas and that as soon as it is finalized, Foote will be named the new GM and head coach. “No comment,” said the always enigmatic Foote when asked about the rumors on Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s WSAK morning show. “I have been advised to say nothing at this time.” When pressed further, however, Foote did provide a few hints on the team when he said “Lil’ Nate, yo, he can really sky!! Zach Randolph? More like Zach, Hand-off (the ball to someone else, because you stink). Malik Rose got game. Collins can ball. Is Allan Houston still on the team? I’m friends with David Lee’s uncle…”

Egan has dipped his Foote into the player side of the NBA, being selected as the top draft choice of the Portland Trailblazers, but this would be his first venture into coaching. Many thought Egan was done with the Knicks in 2005, the year he gave up his season tickets. But according to Egan, he always kept his finger on the pulse of the team. “I got a guy on the inside,” said Foote. “I won’t reveal my sources, but you could say his name rhymes with Bilal Sawford.” Foote then proceeded to sing the 1994 Knicks theme “Go New York, Go” by Jesse James.

While many are excited about the potential of a Foote-led Knicks team, others are skeptical. “Who the FAHK is Egan Foote?” asked Knicks forward Reynaldo Balkman. “Is he that guy who kept calling me Rolando Blackman?”

“I read that blog about Mr. Foote,” added Quentin Richardson. “He sounds like trouble.”

Good point, Q. But can it really get much worse than it already is?


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Flashback: November 30, 2004 – Egan Foote Ends Ken Jennings’ Record-Setting Winning Streak

423px-mckaysalisbury_kenjennings.jpg image44.jpg

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