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Developing: Egan Foote Set to Cross WGA Picket Line

2004-visionawards-01.jpgAs we all know, Egan Foote has never shied away from controversy. And if reports are correct, Mr. Foote looks ready to do it again.

According to sources close to Hot Foote, Egan Foote is ready to cross the picket line and offer his writing services to anyone interested. Known by most for his acting, Foote has actually been a member of the Writers Guild of America since 1990. Mr. Foote, whose writing resume is limited to the short-lived series, “Babes,” has shown solidarity with the rest of the striking WGA members since the strike began and is a regular fixture on the picket lines. However, Foote has apparently grown wary of the WGA’s efforts, spending less and less time picketing, and even recently told radio station KUBL in Reno, Nevada that at times he could “see the other side’s point of view.”

061004interview1.jpgHe continued that he was also getting bored with the time off. “Insurance processing is great and all, but I need something else. Perhaps it’s time we get back to work.” Foote has attempted to fill that void in a variety of different ways, including traveling, working extra hours insurance processing, working out, spending time with his “The Nine” castmates (picture, right), and serving as a judge on various reality competitions, including the FOX series “A Kick to the Crotch,”in which contestants kick each other in the groin until only one man is left standing (picture, below left), “Bare Knuckle Brawl,” in which homeless men bare knuckle box until only one man is left standing, and “Your Stash in the Trash,” in which contestants’ personal belongings are buried on a New York City trash barge and they fight each other on the floating vessel to retrieve their possessions. But none of it seems to have pulled Egan from his rut.



Needless to say, the rumors have angered WGA members. When Egan left the offices of ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson on Wednesday, after a rumored meeting to discuss the possibility of Mr. Foote writing for the ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” he was yelled at by a swarm of picketing writers holding signs reading “Scab!!” And luckily, our faithful Citizen Paparazzi were there to catch some of the action. The following pictures, submitted by Hot Foote reader “wackie,” showing Foote being cornered and subsequently beaten by WGA members.



We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available…


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