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Exclusive: Egan Foote Rumored to Have Plans for Reunion With Eggbert Foote, Spend New Years Eve With Estranged Younger Brother

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Back in October, Hot Foote exclusively reported that Egan Foote’s long lost brother Eggbert Foote was released from the Russian holding cell where he’s spent the last twenty years. According to sources close to the Foote family, the two brothers had not seen one another since 1987, when younger brother Eggbert left the country to cash in on emerging diamond markets in the middle-east. However, besides vague reports of “an American named Foote” being seriously injured in a 1992 nuclear accident, little was known about the twenty years following Eggbert’s departure from the United States.

However, notwithstanding what may have transpired, it remains to be seen whether twenty years apart was enough to repair the rift between the two brothers. “Egan had an awful temper,” Eggbert told a Russian reporter back in 1998. “I once wished him a Happy Hannukah and he responded by breaking my jaw! I’m not sure I want to subject myself to that again.”

“My little brother is exaggerating,” said a defensive Foote when approached by the reporter. “I specifically remember the doctor saying that I fractured his jaw. Eggbert is so overdramatic! Man, I really hate that…uh… son of a bitch!” With hatred between the Brothers Foote still raging, it looked like a once possible reunion was becoming increasingly less likely.

Until now. According to sources close to the Foote family, Egan recently booked a trip to Russia, apparently to visit his recently-released brother and spend New Years Eve with the younger Foote. When questioned about the rumored trip, Egan issued his standard denials: “Of course I am not visiting Eggbert,” said an irate Foote. “That is ludicrous. I am traveling to Russia to appear on the Minsk Morning Zoo radio program, the wackiest in the entire Eastern Bloc… except, of course, for Sofia, Bulgaria’s morning program. Those guys are nuts!” Hot Foote was able to confirm that Egan was in fact invited to appear on the radio station, but according to Program Director Alexei Nemchinov “has not yet indicated to us that he intends to appear.” The Russian rumor mill has been buzzing that while Egan does intend to make his radio appearance, visiting his brother is his true motivation.

Whether or not a radio appearance is the reason for Egan’s travel plans, it will be the first time in twenty years the two brothers have set Foote on the same continent. And that, says many, is progress.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available…


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