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Legal Foote-Notes: An Egan Legal Roundup – Part II

image47.jpgBack in September, Hot Foote began a new feature we call “Legal Foote-Notes,” aimed at updating our readers on the numerous legal matters surrounding the always enigmatic Egan Foote. And while many may be wondering how one man, over a mere few months, could accumulate enough legal news to merit an entirely new recap outlining his legal happenings, those people clearly just do not know the always litigious Foote.

So, without further adieu, here is an update on what has been keeping Foote’s lawyers busy the past several months:

  • Mr. Foote has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the so-called “Geek Clock” (pictured below), a clock with the unique feature that every number is the number 9. “This is clearly an attempt to exploit my prime time drama The Nine and the good will it received from its loyal, albeit small, fan base. I am so disgusted that a company would act so unscrupulously that I am at a loss for words. Egan, out!” Mr. Foote is seeking unspecified damages.
  • On similar claims of the improper use of the number 9, as it relates to the short-lived ABC drama, Mr. Foote is seeking an injunction against the continued production and promotion of the upcoming movie “The Ten.” “One number off?!?” said an angry Foote while appearing on Worcester, Massachusetts’ WWFX-FM morning radio show. “I’m not doing this for me; this is for the hoards of movie-goers who will line up to see the movie, only to learn that their $10 was spent not on a movie adaptation of ABC television program The Nine, but a crappy movie with Ron Silver. Look, I’m as big a fan of The O.C.’s Adam Brody as anyone, and Jessica Alba – that girl can act! But people poured blood and guts into The Nine, and I cannot sit back and watch greedy Hollywood studios steal my show’s good will for selfish gain.”
  • logo_egan.gifFinally, claiming improper use of his name, for which he “has spent years building a reputation,” Egan Foote also filed suit against Egan-Managed Capital. Mr. Foote’s attorney released the following statement outside of the courthouse: “Mr. Foote is very disappointed that a company would choose to mislead its clients into thinking that Mr. Foote is the one managing their capital. Mr. Foote never has, and has no plans to, begin a career managing capital and believes that Egan-Managed Capital should immediately cease the use of his name. Egan’s lawyer, out!”

We will continue to update these stories as more information becomes available…


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  1. Arise Egan Foote, you have been tagged by Rickey to partake in the obnoxious “8 Random Things” meme. Act accordingly. (Or don’t. To be honest, Rickey’s just looking to get this off his desk and avoid 7 years of bad luck).

    Comment by Rickey Henderson | January 24, 2008

  2. […] Egan Foote, the enigmatic insurance processor, hostage victim, and serial litigator, has been keeping his lawyers busy as of late, commencing a number of lawsuits, documented in our ongoing series “Legal Foote-Notes.” […]

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