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Egan Visits Foote Doctor

Foote with WDRQ-FM's DJ Randy Andy

Foote with WDRQ-FM's DJ Randy Andy

After a long media blackout, insurance processor Egan Foote broke his silence on Detroit’s WDRQ-FM morning show this morning. Foote either really missed the limelight, missed chatting with morning zoo hosts, or thought the world truly needed to know about a recent trip to the podiatrist. Whatever the reason, we here at Hot Foote are glad he’s back. Below is a transcript of Egan’s appearance this morning.

DJ Cooky Pooky: [rings cowbell] ring-a-ling-a-ling! Who is that I see walking into the studio?

DJ Randy Andy: Is that Egan Foote?

Egan Foote: Indeed it is my sound effect-playing friends. ‘Tis I, the Foote.

DJ Randy Andy: [plays cookoo clock sound] I can’t believe it. I thought you were done with radio. We’ve got an exclusive here on the morning zoo, folks! [siren sound plays]

Egan Foote: Well, I was in Detroit. Figured I’d stop by.

DJ Cooky Pooky: And what exactly is it that brought you to Detroit, Foote?

Egan Foote: Well… uh… {wipes sweat from forehead}… it’s a bit of a wild story. I had been suffering some abdominal pain – note to listeners: do not eat at Chipotle if a guy named Carlos is cooking! – anyway, after a few days, I finally decided to get it checked out. I stopped by my buddy Scotty Wolf’s house, but he informed me that he was not a doctor; he simply played one on our TV series, The Nine. While Chi McBride had told me on several occasions that he had, over his life, performed numerous “blumpkins,” I was skeptical of his medical credentials. So I decided to check out the list of in-network doctors my insurance provided… and what do I see? A foot doctor! I couldn’t believe it, a doctor was centered on me, Egan Foote!! I quickly jumped on the first Fung Wah bus to Detroit I could find and saw the doctor immediately.

DJ Randy Andy: I think I know where this is going! [car crash sound]

Egan Foote: I told the guy my problem, but he keeps checking out my feet. Now listen, I’m as open minded as anyone… I’m even in love with a Latina woman, Franny Rios…

DJ Cooky Pooky: Interracial dating! Hey oh! [plays Gloria Estefan’s “Rythm is gonna get you”]

Egan Foote: But after a while, I realized this doctor was for actual feet, not the Foote family!

DJ Randy Andy: So who is gonna FOOTE the bill!

[several minutes of DJ Randy Andy and DJ Cooky Pooky laughing]

DJ Cooky Pooky: We have to take a commercial break. We want to thank Egan Foote for stopping in.

Egan Foote: Egan, out!

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