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Exclusive: In Final Act as President, George W. Bush Pardons Egan Foote in Small Early Morning White House Ceremony

georgetenetmedalSources close to Hot Foote have exclusively learned that outgoing President George W. Bush, in his final Presidential act, pardoned Egan Foote during a small White House Ceremony early Tuesday morning. During the private ceremony, Bush read some prepared remarks and presented Foote with a “pardon medal” (pictured right), something Mr. Bush had constructed the night before while waiting for the White House chef to make him a bowl of Lucky Charms, but which has no legal or historical significance.

While calls to the United States Department of Justice Office of the Pardon Attorney were not returned, it is rumored that Bush gave Foote a blanket pardon, covering acts both known and unknown. Below is a list of Egan Foote’s offenses which are likely to fall under the President’s pardon:



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  1. I am so disgusted with this government and the way it conducts business, I in some ways now understand why alot of individuals snap and hate this country. All my life i tried to act responsible and believe in my country but now realize that it is built up of lies, corrupt officials, and money. Bush has dissappointed me and i was a fan of his.

    Comment by michael frayler | January 21, 2009

  2. Honk honk! And thanks for checking in Mr. Michael (cowbell sound). I am the reverse of you – I couldn’t stand this Bush guy at first! First he let the therapists take over our 7/11’s, then he started the war on the rocks (which is just silly, bc there are so many rocks in the world, it would be impossible to beat them – plus, they hurt!), and then he really screwed it up Hurricane Willhemena, not to mention his failed attempt at reforming social obscurity. But that all changed when he pardoned me.

    Comment by angrylionel | January 21, 2009

  3. This Egan guy is a real fucker.

    Comment by Rickey Henderson | January 21, 2009

  4. […] is not President any more.  The insurance processor, who has a history of run-ins with the law, was given a blanket pardon by the 43rd President earlier this year for acts both “known and unknown.”  However, while the pardon may have cleared Foote […]

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