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BREAKING NEWS: ‘The Nine’ is Coming Back to TV!!

moton184After having been teased time and time again since being canceled in early 2007, ABC’s ‘The Nine,’ starring insurance processor Egan Foote, is returning to television.

According to the press release from DirectTV:

The Nine will premiere on Wednesday, May 27 (10 p.m. ET/PT), a week after the season finale of Smith. The Nine is the compelling drama series that delves into the lives of nine people who forge a common bond when they live through a 52-hour hostage standoff during a bank robbery. The series will return with 13 episodes, including four that were never broadcast. Created by brother and sister Hank Steinberg (Without a Trace) & K.J. Steinberg (Gossip Girl), The Nine stars Lourdes Benedicto, John Billingsley, Jessica Collins, Emmy(R) nominee Tim Daly, Dana Davis, Camille Guaty, Chi McBride, Kim Raver, Scott Wolf and Owain Yeoman. Hank Steinberg and Alex Graves are executive producers of the series, from Sunset Road Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Many thought that this day would never come.  ABC did briefly bring back ‘The Nine’ in 1998, only to quickly cancel it once again.  After Egan Foote accidentally revealed the conclusion of the program on a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania radio station in 1997, and once again in 2008, ABC executives felt that bringing ‘The Nine’ back to television was no longer an option.  Nonetheless, trying to bank off the devotion of the show’s core audience, and a breakout star named Egan Foote, ABC executives toyed with the idea of broadcasting a spin-off Egan Foote cartoon.  However, Foote’s legal troubles, and his propensity to put his Foote in his mouth, ultimately killed any possibility of the cartoon.



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