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Exclusive: Egan Foote Living in Panic Room for Over Two Weeks

Many Hot Foote readers have written in to complain about the recent lack of updates to the site, each expressing their need for news about insurance processor Egan Foote.  Things have been admittedly slow around Hot Foote headquarters as we dig for news on Mr. Foote.  But an explanation for the complete dearth of Foote-related news may have stumbled into our offices early this morning.  Loyal Hot Foote reader “lorrainesaracen,” a frequent tipster and commenter on the site, submitted the following picture of Egan Foote entering the panic room he constructed under his Lansing, Michigan home.  Foote constructed the panic room back in 1999 in anticipation of Y2K.  There has been no word what caused Mr. Foote to enter the panic room and remain their for over two weeks, but we will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.



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