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Happy Birthday to Egan Foote!

Apologies from the editors at Hot Foote for being a day late with this one but our dear friend EGAN FOOTE celebrated his 49th birthday yesterday.

Our contacts reported a low-key affair with only two fellow stars of the hit ABC show The Nine present (Tim Daly & Chi McBride – no comment from Franny Rios’ PR person).

Our contact was able to snap a photo of the cake that Tim & Chi prepared for Egan:



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Egan Foote Joins Somali Pirates

According to his agent, insurance processor Egan Foote has had enough with the insurance industry and has decided to become a Somali pirate.

Hot Foote’s Mogadishu office sent along the following pictures…




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Breaking: Kiefer Sutherland Headbutts Egan Foote

Egan Foote moments after a headbutt from Kiefer Sutherland.

Egan Foote moments after a headbutt from Kiefer Sutherland.

New York, New York — Multiple sources are reporting that actor Kiefer Sutherland landed a vicious headbutt on insurance processor Egan Foote at a party at the Mercer Hotel following the Met Costume Institute Gala.  According to witnesses at the scene, Foote approached Mr. Sutherland and began to thank him for “keeping this country safe from evildoers.”  After informing Mr. Foote several times that he was not, in fact, counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer from the fictional television program 24, Sutherland asked Mr. Foote to leave him alone, shouting: “There isn’t any time!! You are going to have to trust me!!”  When Egan persisted, repeatedly referring to himself as Michael Latham, Sutherland headbutted Foote.

A Hot Foote tipster sent in this picture, taken moments after the incident.


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