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Egan Foote Demands Recount in Iranian Election

Claiming that the recent Iranian election had been rigged in favor of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, Egan Foote and his supporters took the streets of Tehran to protest the recent election results.  Carrying toy (and, in some cases, real) feet, the Foote supporters marched through Tehran in support of their preferred candidate, Egan Foote.

Foote marching with supporters.

Foote marching with supporters.

While information has been difficult to come by due to the government’s crackdown on all forms of media, Foote supporters, and Mr. Foote himself, have been creative in finding ways to disseminate their message.  In addition to carrier pigeon and sky-writing, Foote supporters have taken to Twitter.  Below is a sampling of Twitter messages obtained by Hot Foote:

– “Mr. Foote was rightful winner of election.  Damn, 140 characters already? This suc”

– “I switched my vote from Ahmadenijaad to Foote after endorsement from Eggbert”

– “It is time we take to the streets.  Would you rather be ruled by an iron fist or a soft Foote?”

Foote became an Iranian citizen in 2008 after accidentally wandering into the home of Ayatollah Khomeini, a huge fan of ABC’s The Nine.



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