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Egan Foote Appears on Morning Radio Program to Discuss the Death of Senator Ted Kennedy

Egan Foote with friends Edward Kennedy and John F. Kennedy.

Egan Foote with friends Edward Kennedy and John F. Kennedy.

While the country is mourning the loss of Senator Edward Kennedy, the man commonly referred to as the “Lion of the Senate,” Egan Foote was asked about his thoughts on Worcester, Massachusetts’ WXLO morning radio show.  A transcript of Foote’s appearance appears below.

Foote: … and that’s why I agree with the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber.

DJ Kool Ken: Very interesting, Egan.  You’ve given our audience a lot to ponder.  Now I’d like to move on to health care reform.  A bill currently… I’m sorry, we just received some breaking news that our very own Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away after his fight with brain cancer.  Mr. Foote, any thoughts on this shocking news?

Foote: Well… uh… I don’t want to be insensitive, but Mr. Kennedy was probably asking for it when he brought a lion into the Senate.  Lions are wild animals.  I know Mr. Kennedy is a tough man, but no man can defend himself against a wild lion…

DJ Kool Ken: Let me just interrupt you there.  He didn’t bring a lion into the Senate, that is actually just…

Foote: Let me interrupt YOU there.  Was this a trained lion?

DJ Kool Ken: Egan, just listen for a moment.  He is often referred to as the “Lion of the Senate.”

Foote: Feel free to defend Ted Kennedy’s animal cruelty all you… uh… want, but I will not sit here and be a part of this! I am an animal lover.  Were you aware that I was Cat Fancy Magazine’s Cat Owner Of The Year? That’s right, I got the COOTY! Now listen, Ted Kennedy has been a close friend of mine for decades, but I simply cannot stand for what he did to that poor poor lion.  Egan, out!

DJ Kool: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kennedy family.  We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors.



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