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Developing: Egan Foote Crashes White House State Dinner With Mysterious Blonde Woman

Hot Foote has exclusively learned that insurance processor Egan Foote crashed a White House State Dinner in November of 2009.  The below picture, submitted by a long time Hot Foote reader and White House photographer (who has asked to remain anonymous discussing a sensitive security matter), shows Foote, a mysterious blonde woman and Vice President Joe Biden.  When asked for comment, Foote directed us to his attorney, brother Daniel Foote, who claimed that Egan was supposed to be on the guest list as a guest of Bo Obama.  Secret Service officials declined to comment.

When Foote learned that he was not, in fact, on the guest list and that Bo Obama does not have any power to extend invitations to White House functions, Foote responded “we’ll see about that,” pulled out a Blackberry and claimed to send Bo Obama a text message.

This is not the first time that Mr. Foote crashed an event to which he was not invited, as Mr. Foote was spotted in the buffet line of a wedding to which he received no invitation, while Foote’s DNA crashed a container of ranch dressing.


Update: Hot Foote has obtained the following video of an inebriated Foote disrupting President Obama’s speech to dance and take shots of whiskey.

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Hot Foote Exclusive: Egan Foote Arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Conduct at Make A Wish Foundation Benefit

Hot foote has exclusively learned that Egan Foote was arrested over the weekend after receiving fellatio on stage at an event meant to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.  Foote was attending the event as the guest of a sick young boy named Billy Stroyman, whose wish was to spend a night hanging out with Mr. Foote.  However, Billy may want to ask for a refund on that wish.  Shortly after arriving, Foote began consuming large quantities of alcohol and, according to witnesses, stormed up to the stage, knocking over several wheel chairs on his way.  Foote then grabbed a microphone and stated, “I have a wish: why don’t one of you BLOW ME!”  After a few moments of stunned silence, a young woman walked up to Mr. Foote and proceeded to perform fellatio on the insurance processor.  The exclusive pictures that follow were submitted to Hot Foote by long time reader geecees.

Foote grabs a microphone on his way up to the stage.

A young woman accepts Foote's request for fellatio.

Still trying to remove Foote's belt...

... and it's off.

And Egan's pants fall to his Feete.


All done.

Foote and the unnamed woman were finally removed from the stage and taken to the local police precinct.

Too bad for Egan Foote that George W. Bush is not President any more.  The insurance processor, who has a history of run-ins with the law, was given a blanket pardon by the 43rd President earlier this year for acts both “known and unknown.”  However, while the pardon may have cleared Foote of his past criminal record, the pardon did not cover acts perpetrated after the pardon.  And as Hot Foote readers know, that list is already long and growing.  Foote’s record since the pardon includes:

And now we can add lewd and lascivious conduct to the list.


Update I: Several Hot Foote readers have written in with their pictures from the event.  If you were there and have any information and/or pictures or video, please contact Hot Foote.

Update II: The New York Times has picked up on this developing story…

Update III: A Hot Foote reader submitted the following pictures of Foote returning the favor to another member of the audience…

Update IV: More photos…

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Egan Foote Fails to Win Third Cat Owner Of The Year Award, Disrupts Cat Fancy Magazine Awards Ceremony

After becoming the first person to win Cat Fancy Magazine’s coveted Cat Owner Of The Year Award (the COOTY) two years in a row – nabbing the award in both 2007 and, under a cloud of controversy, in 2008 – insurance processor Egan Foote was arrested for disrupting the 2009 award ceremony after failing to win this year’s honor.  The ceremony, held at Cat Fancy Arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the event for cat enthusiasts around the world, bringing together the top names in the feline world.

The event was set to honor 2009’s winner, Foote’s brother Eggbert Foote, and present lifetime achievement awards to  singer Cat Stevens, the mayor of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the talking cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Keenan Thompson.  However, just as Cat Fancy reached the point in the program where it was to begin honoring those cats who had passed away during the preceding year, an intoxicated Egan Foote stormed the stage with an unidentified woman, speaking unintelligibly while drinking whiskey straight from a bottle and sporting a t-shirt that read: “Silence = Death. It is the purrrfect time to end Feline AIDS!”

While many in attendance seemed pleased at first (speaking to the popularity of Mr. Foote in the cat community), security eventually detained Mr. Foote and handed him over to the police.

Update: Hot Foote has obtained exclusive video of the incident at the Cat Fancy Magazine Awards, shot on his camera phone by longtime Hot Foote reader kriegos, who was in attendance at the time of the incident.

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