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Egan Foote Fails to Win Third Cat Owner Of The Year Award, Disrupts Cat Fancy Magazine Awards Ceremony

After becoming the first person to win Cat Fancy Magazine’s coveted Cat Owner Of The Year Award (the COOTY) two years in a row – nabbing the award in both 2007 and, under a cloud of controversy, in 2008 – insurance processor Egan Foote was arrested for disrupting the 2009 award ceremony after failing to win this year’s honor.  The ceremony, held at Cat Fancy Arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the event for cat enthusiasts around the world, bringing together the top names in the feline world.

The event was set to honor 2009’s winner, Foote’s brother Eggbert Foote, and present lifetime achievement awards to  singer Cat Stevens, the mayor of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the talking cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Keenan Thompson.  However, just as Cat Fancy reached the point in the program where it was to begin honoring those cats who had passed away during the preceding year, an intoxicated Egan Foote stormed the stage with an unidentified woman, speaking unintelligibly while drinking whiskey straight from a bottle and sporting a t-shirt that read: “Silence = Death. It is the purrrfect time to end Feline AIDS!”

While many in attendance seemed pleased at first (speaking to the popularity of Mr. Foote in the cat community), security eventually detained Mr. Foote and handed him over to the police.

Update: Hot Foote has obtained exclusive video of the incident at the Cat Fancy Magazine Awards, shot on his camera phone by longtime Hot Foote reader kriegos, who was in attendance at the time of the incident.


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