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Breaking News: A FIFTH Foote Brother?

Hot Foote had previously exclusively reported on the discovery of insurance processor Egan Foote’s estranged brother Eggbert Foote, who was released from a Russian holding cell in October of 2007.  We later exclusively uncovered the existence of another unknown Foote brother, Daniel Foote, who, before Hot Foote’s discovery, had been unknown to brothers Egan and Eggbert.  The three brothers were reunited when father Horton Foote tragically passed away in March of 2009, at which time Hot Foote concluded that there were no more Foote brothers, resulting in the closing of Hot Foote’s Geneology Division.

However, recent information has come to light that reveals there may have been two additional Foote brothers that were previously unknown.  Earlier this month, Hot Foote received an anonymous tip that there was in fact a fourth Foote brother, who was deceased.  And now, one of Hot Foote’s loyal readers, submitted the following photograph of a Mr. John Foote.

Rumors have swirled for years about a reclusive Foote brother named John, but such rumors have remained unverified.

Mother Foote has no comment when contacted about this story.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available…

Update: A brave Hot Foote reader decided to approach the home of John Foote and was able to snap the following picture, which is the only known picture in existence purporting to show the face of the reclusive John Foote.  As you can see, the Hot Foote reader had to quickly run after being greeted by Mr. Foote with a gun.


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