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Report: Sarah Palin and Egan Foote Had a One-Night Stand

Wasilla, Alaska — Hot Foote editors received an advance copy of author Joe McGinniss’ upcoming book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.  While the book is filled with juicy details about the reality TV star and half-term governor, including the revelation of a tryst with former NBA star Glen Rice, perhaps the most shocking revelation is of an alleged one-night stand with The Nine star and insurance processor Egan Foote.

According to reports, Palin picked up a hitchhiking Foote after Foote had been shot at from a helicopter filled with “hunters” mistaking him for a gray wolf.

In a GQ Magazine interview with Foote shortly after the incident, Foote indicated he had just finished an interview with the WJUN-AM Juneau morning show, The Morning Igloo with John “Moose” Walters, and was wearing a station t-shirt with the WJUN “The Wolf” logo on it.  Shortly after walking out of the WJUN studios, Foote was shot at several times, one bullet striking him in the left calf.  Foote then recounted limping for miles (with a brief stop at a local IHOP) before being picked up by Palin, who spotted the exhausted Foote with his thumb out.

Foote refused to provide any details after that, but McGinniss’ book includes interview with friends and family of Palin who confirmed a brief relationship between the two.



Update: An astute Hot Foote Reader wrote in to point out that there is a striking similarity between Palin’s youngest son, Trig, and Egan Foote.  Decide for yourself!



Disclaimer: Hot Foote, Inc. is currently involved in litigation against Todd Palin for an Iditarod sponsorship breach of contract issue.

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