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Developing: Egan Foote Waterboarded After January Arrest

A month after a January 2010 incident aboard a United Airways flight in which insurance Processor Egan Foote was brutally beaten by passengers and later questioned by the Transportation Safety Administration after his underwear caught fire, a heavily redacted new report released by US intelligence officials reveals that Foote underwent intense waterboarding during his multiple hours of questioning by the TSA.  A picture from the report accompanies this article.

When asked about the incident, Foote replied, “I… uh… thought they were… uh… just trying to put out the fire still raging in my underpants.  What is waterboarding?”  After being informed of the practice, most recently used on suspected terrorists, Foote shouted “I am not a terrier! I am a man!  Plus, I’m a cat lover! Egan, out!



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A Fourth Foote Brother?


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